Backup & Recovery

Critical components to combat catastrophic loss and human error.

Solace not only helps you plan and backup data to prevent any catastrophic data loss, but we also take into consideration human error and deletion errors. Our data backup and data recovery solutions are designed to take the user out of the equation by automating hourly and daily backups. Solace designs backup plans specific to your organizational needs and always uses at least two forms of backup to ensure quick recovery efforts.
Our backup system is created to correct human error and catastrophic loss. We not only back up your data, but we also recover it as well. A file that was deleted yesterday can be recovered today in a matter of minutes. Solace has designed a backup plan for clients that creates backups and recovery options as follows:
• Granular recovery of hourly backups for 7 days
• Daily consolidated backups for 15 days
• Weekly consolidated backups for 90 days
Server recovery in case of a major system failure is crucial for all organizations. Solace has a plan that keeps downtime to a minimum. We first restore data from the last good backup onto a virtual server, making sure all of your files, data, mapped drives, and printers are still easily located and accessible to your staff in the same way your system was connected prior to the failure. Then we fix any issues and restore the data on your server. This process eliminates downtime and ensures recovery of data.
The Solace ITS data center keeps a copy of your data safely offsite from your office in case of fire, flood or any other natural disaster. This redundancy of backup lets you sleep well at night knowing no matter what happens to your office your data is secure.
Backup images are important when discussing recovery and replacement. Solace can image a machine, then take the image and transfer it to a new machine or a machine experiencing problems. This helps with system upgrades or system failures. Just one more way we make technology convenient and reliable.

Don’t allow your data to hold you prisoner.

Do not loose valuable time and energy due to loss of data or lack of efficient backup and recovery systems. Allow Solace IT Solutions to create a backup and recovery plan that will benefit your organization while easing the worry of the users and providing access to data in an effective and easy manner.

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