Solace IT Solutions - The Calm in Your IT Storm!

Solace IT Solutions understands the importance of properly functioning IT systems and networks within small and medium sized organizations in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Raleigh, Cary, Charlotte North Carolina and throughout the United States. Our goal is to help you select the most beneficial Managed Services plan to make your IT headaches our IT solutions.

We specialize in streamlining and reorganizing current networks to promote a more user-friendly, and most importantly, stable network that will support your work demands. We also outsource our IT services and technicians to give you an IT department without the IT expense. Let Solace IT Solutions provide your company with a technology evaluation to excel your work environment.

With Managed IT Solutions, our clients are in California, New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and throughout the United States. Our backup and data/disaster recovery plans help you sleep at night and provide quick business continuity in case of a data disaster. We take the time to learn your business processes and sit with you to make efficient technology decisions that helps your business grow. We make sure our customers are up and running through effective collaboration with you over custom design, effective training and sound deployment.

Solace IT Solutions makes sure you get the most benefit from your IT investment.

"You have our word on it."

Chris Oakman, Josh Sammons, Brian Stewart

Never Lose Data

Solace ITS Technology Solutions

Solace IT Solutions backs up data to prevent catastrophic data loss with state-of-the-art backup and recovery. We protect against human error and deleting mistakes. Our data backup and data recovery solutions protect against error by automating hourly and daily backups.

Click-Proof Antivirus

Solace ITS Technology Solutions

Solace IT solutions prevents your staff from clicking on dangerous links in email or online. Save downtime and protect your network. Solace IT Solutions uses remote monitoring and 24/7 remote support in our rapid response to your technology problems.

Security & Compliance

Solace ITS Technology Solutions

You need to protect your organization’s security — and its reputation — more now than ever before. Security and compliance has become more pressing as infrastructure expands to the cloud. Solace IT Solutions maintains a baseline for your security and compliance across your entire infrastructure, including cloud and containers.

IT Success Stories

Solace ITS Technology Solutions

Solace IT Solutions is consistently successful in deploying cutting-edge solutions for businesses across the US. The tech-savvy management of T.W. Garner (makers of Texas Pete) chose Solace for the beta installation of Microsoft 365 Business to streamline and simplify end-user productivity while saving money over the long term.

Solace IT Solutions Case Studies