Your Organization is at Risk of a Cyberattack.

Cyberattacks are on the rise for small and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses have been attacked and have no idea.  Solace can reduce your risks of becoming the next victim of cyberattacks with Solace Secure 365 cybersecurity plans. There were over 60,000 blocked security attempts with 55,900 malware attacks prevented for our clients in 2019. 

Safeguard Your Organization’s Data with Solace Secure.

Advanced Email Security
Advanced Threat Protection that provides protection against phishing attacks, spammers, and malware downloads that are often shared through emails. Advanced email security to protect your organization from user-error clicks and external attacks. 

Login Security Management
Protect user credentials with two-factor authentication and custom login rules and policies to prevent users from exposing credentials.

Advanced Network Security
Protect your network from external attacks with third party vulnerability scanning. Vulnerability alerts, advanced monitoring, and internal and external reports will keep your network secure. 

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