Backup and Recovery Services Team

Prevent Catastrophic Loss with Backup and Recovery.

Solace IT Solutions backs up data to prevent catastrophic data loss with state-of-the-art backup and recovery with our managed services plans. We also protect against human error and mistaken deleting. Our data backup and data recovery solutions protect against error by automating hourly and daily backups. Solace IT Solutions designs backup plans for your needs and always uses at least two methods of backup to make sure that recovery is quick.

If there’s one thing that computers understand, it’s that IT issues can show up anywhere at any time of the day or night, so backup and recovery must be accessible. Solace IT Solutions offers extended hours for emergency calls to ensure that your critical IT services are working for you.

Hourly & Daily Backups

Our backup system protects you from catastrophic data loss. We backup and recover your data. Solace designs your backup plan that builds backups and recovery options that you need – hourly, daily, and weekly backups.

Server Recovery

Server recovery after a system failure is crucial. We restore data onto our virtual server and make sure your files, data, mapped drives, and printers are still accessible to your staff. We fix the issues and restore your data.

Off-Site Data Center

The Solace IT Solutions data center keeps an encrypted copy of your data safely off-site from your office in case of fire or natural disaster. Our redundant backup system lets you sleep at night, knowing that no matter what.

Recovery Environment

Backup images are the critical part of data recovery. Solace images a machine, and then transfers it to a new machine or a machine experiencing problems. This helps with system upgrades or system failures.

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