A legal organization was chartered with the responsibility for managing the US Government’s $20B settlement with national mortgage lenders needed help managing their entire IT Infrastructure as well as their corporate SharePoint Online extranet.


Eastridge provided monthly managed services and cloud utilities that included the following components: Office 365, Exchange Hosted Encryption, HyperV, Terminal Services, SharePoint Online Extranet Workspaces, Network Monitoring, and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Client: Mortgage Settlement Firm

Focus: Disaster Recovery Plan, Managed Services, Network Monitoring, Office 365, SharePoint Workspaces, Terminal Services

Date: July 2017


Office 365 – Give the users the benefit of having everything in the cloud. They utilize Exchange Online, Lync and SharePoint online daily to meet their business needs. Eastridge implemented Single Sign On so the users would not have to manage passwords in multiple places, and also gives the security of ADFS when logging into the systems.

Exchange Hosted Encryption – The organization needed to have the ability to send encrypted emails to users inside and outside the company. Eastridge configured the rules encrypt the email automatically if the word “Secure” was in the subject line. We also configured Outlook to have a manual button that would turn encryption on and off at the users request.

HyperV – The HyperV has allowed us to implement all these technologies with minimal hardware. Eastridge configured the ADFS, Directory Sync and Terminal servers all running in the HyperV environment from 1 piece of hardware.

Terminal Services – The organization needed to have the ability to provide access to internal resources. They needed the ability to access their data from anywhere while having a uniform / familiar setting everytime they logged in.

SharePoint Workspaces – This gives the executives the ability to have SharePoint documents cached to the local machine while on long trips that may not have connectivity to the internet.

Network Monitoring – Eastridge uses N-able clients on each device. This allows us to remote access to all end user devices. It also provides us warning and error messages that may occur on their systems. This is helpful to address smaller problems before they become disasters. The N-able client also allows the users to request support directly from their system tray.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Eastridge utilizes ShadowProtect to backup servers on an hourly basis. These backups have a custom retention policy that allows for hourly backups. Bi-Monthly backups are replicated to Shadow Protects online storage facility for off site data storage.


Lack of mobility
Aging equipment
Slow speeds
Inconsistent connectivity

Solution Highlights

Azure Based Virtual Machines
SSD hosted application storage
Remote Desktop to Azure
Session Hosts
Azure AD connect
Windows 10 Professional

Result Highlights


Cloud Solutions Utilized

Office 365 E3
Azure AD
Dynamics CRM