The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation needed a suite of project management tools and workflow processes to handle collaboration for a medium sized team. In particular, document management and change tracking was a key concern. Not only was there a need to manage existing processes, but it was also critical to model the approval and workflow process that was defined for the organization.


Office 365 and SharePoint Online were used to provide Z. Smith Reynolds a suite of familiar tools and a comfortable user interface for document management, calendar, organization, and other key tools. A custom workflow was developed to manage the document revision and approval process. Users were provided a centralized environment to manage critical business data and track critical items and documents.

Client: Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

Focus: Cloud Services, Document Management, Office 365

Date: July 2017


All users are now using one consolidated set of tools and following the same process to manage documents and workflow. All legacy data and processes are organized using a structured methodology that allows users to quickly and logically access critical business data. The system is continually improving as key users manage content, pages and tools with the SharePoint platform. The customer is further getting benefits out of the cloud-based updates from Microsoft. Use of SharePoint groups and permissioning has ensured that critical data is protected and only accessible to designated users.


Lack of mobility
Aging equipment
Slow speeds
Inconsistent connectivity

Solution Highlights

Azure Based Virtual Machines
SSD hosted application storage
Remote Desktop to Azure
Session Hosts
Azure AD connect
Windows 10 Professional