Cloud Services

Encouraging collaboration and teamwork through seamless integration on and off site.

Cloud Services allow clients to grow their business through secure, virtual technology. Solace provides cloud computing solutions to ensure your business technology is up to date and easily maintained. We manage software and applications for your business, which in turn, eliminates the cost and time consumption of licensing, training, and updating.

A little more about the cloud…

The cloud is a term used to describe secure communication between the user and a remote source, usually located on the Internet. It allows for data transfer through secured tunnels to move information across one or more public nodes on the Internet safely. This eliminates the need of moving data directly to or from a local drive or server onsite with high levels of security and accessibility. Cloud services today include storage, applications, streaming, and email services. They also allow data to move securely between devices even if they do not normally share the same network. They can work in multiple locations and situations such as commuting between work and home; or be used in managing data between platforms like computers, phones, and tablets. The devices don’t even have to share a domain, which can help in terms of licensing costs.
  • Cost Efficient
  • Easily Managed
  • Off-Site and On-Site Collaboration
  • Secure Backup Location
  • Lots of Data Storage Options

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