Managed Services

All in one managed services . . . maintenance, help desk support, system monitoring, and virus protection.

When your IT infrastructure and network are the pulse of business operations, there is not any room for data loss, security breaches or catastrophic loss. Managed Services provides a proactive means to avoid these situations, with quick response times and full support to keep your network running smoothly. Solace has knowledgeable, Microsoft certified staff who proactively manage your critical systems and network devices. Solace’s Managed Services deliver the most advanced solutions and technology available to your small and medium sized businesses without the expense of an IT staff or hourly rates.

Advantages of Managed Services.


Help Desk Support, Quick Response Time, and System Monitoring.

Solace IT Managed Services Help Desk offers unlimited remote support and provides quick response time, acting as your first point of contact. Our certified technicians specialize in various platforms including Office 365, Windows and IOS’ and provide remote email, desktop, hardware, software, and virus support.

Continuous insight into your network allows certified Solace technicians to reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to resolution. Solace combines preventative maintenance and remote monitoring, which minimizes failures that could impact your business.


Consistent Updates and Up to Date Virus Protection.

Consistent updates are important in keeping your machines and network functioning at their highest level. Solace ensures all Windows based servers and workstations have the latest updates which include hardware patches, feature releases and hot fixes. Servers and workstations are updated on a monthly basis and are pushed to all managed devices using our state of the art monitoring software.Endpoint Protection Management Software shields your business’ workforce and data with uncompromising 24×7 system monitoring. The hassle-free endpoint client alerts our technicians if and when malicious and non-malicious threats are detected on a device.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Fast and reliable disk-based backup software that captures full, differential and incremental point-in-time backup images of your entire system. This includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings and data. A dedicated Solace technician schedules full and incremental backups for automatic protection of everything on your Windows server. We have the ability to automatically consolidate backup image files with ShadowProtect ImageManager. This minimizes backup storage consumption and streamlines backup image management by providing consolidated daily, weekly and monthly backups.

Managed Services