With Cloud Services, Solace IT Solutions Can Move Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud Services allow clients to grow their business through secure, virtual technology. Solace provides cloud computing solutions to ensure your business technology is up to date and easily maintained. We manage software and applications for your business, which in turn, eliminates the cost and time consumption of licensing, training, and updating. The cloud environment provides unlimited space, complete scalability and lowers your costs.

Cloud computing is the most popular business initiative for business. It’s cost effective – you won’t have to buy a whole software suite for individual employees; instead, cloud computing gives you access to the programs you want through a web-based provider. It’s more efficient – work is moved from workstations and transferred to a network of computers in the cloud. The cloud’s network does the heavy lifting and is remarkably more efficient.

Want to see how Solace IT Solutions deployed Microsoft Office 365 Business for a medium-sized business in Winston-Salem, NC, and increased their business productivity and data security?

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What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a term used to describe secure communication between the user and a remote source, usually located on the Internet. Want to know more?

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What’s Included?

Cloud services include storage, programs, applications, streaming, and email services. Get in touch for more information.

Solace ITS Cloud Solutions

What Does it Cost?

Using the cloud for your business is cost efficient, easily managed off-site and has several options. We can help.

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How Do I Get It?

Contact Solace IT Solutions today. We can move your business to the cloud efficiently and without disruption of your service.

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